Are you losing money with your Facebook™ ads without even being aware of it?

Discover how this weird Targeting Strategy is generating massive ROI for marketers.

I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars 😭 before finding this strategy.

Yo what's up! Kevin Moses here.

CEO/Founder @ 

A lot of people call me Marketing God because they see the INSANE results I am generating with my 100K a day ad spend.

Not that it matters but you need to understand how I got to this point. 

Managing 100k a day budgets can be really stressful if you don't have a strict work ethic and a system to help you out.

In 2014 I had none of those. I was just starting my Media Buying career. And because I am a great salesman, I got myself a pretty cool gig. My first 100k media buy budget! I had to sell mobile nanotech liquid protections. 

I thought everything was doing great up to the point I realized my ROI was -40%. You got to admit, that number hurts, specifically when you know a company trusted me with an AMEX Centurion, infinite budget card.

Here was my campaign setup:
- First, I only had one campaign running.
- Objective: Purchase
- 1 Ad Set.
- Inside that adset was hundreds of different interests that I found through the recommended tab.
- I had one video (video was pretty epic)
- Weak ad copy
- Budget: $2000 per day

Every day we would have tens of thousands of visits on our website, conversion was less than 1%

With this setup, I have NO idea how I was generating ANY results at all.

I had the wrong targeting

Here is the crazy part, this is how people STILL launch ads.

It makes insane just thinking about it.

I Found My Mentor! Everything changed forever!

After years of doing this, I found a man, spending over $1B per year on Facebook Ads, and he showed me this crazy way of setting up your campaigns.

He showed me that the only thing that matters is the right targeting.

If you have insane videos (like I did in 2014 with the nanotech product) but are targeting the wrong audience, it does NOT matter. 

You can't sell ice to an eskimo.


It finally worked!

The moment I implemented this simple trick to my campaigns, I immediately started getting CRAZY results.

But I wanted to make sure this was real.

So I started testing with a few campaigns.

Here is what I did:

  • I selected one of my very successful campaigns with 10.99$ cost per lead (ROI of this campaign is already over 400%)
  • ​I launched multiple variations of the same campaign with the simple ''Hack''
  • ​Instantly the cost per lead was cut in half 😱

Results were obvious!

This was working insanely well!

Here is why this works so well!

By implementing this system, you force Facebook™ to show your ads exclusively to those who are most passionate about your market.
Exactly – those who are much more likely to buy or become a lead
Best of all, this works across all verticals

Now I Show this "hack" to my clients and they go CRAZY!

Nesstor for example, he runs a digital fitness coaching platform and generates his leads through chatbots!

After 30 days of using this strategy, he brought his chatbot list from 400 subscribers up to 6 000.

Here is a video he sent me:

Lead cost from his campaign went from $2.68 per lead to $0.73 in a matter of days.

See for yourself

I was not sure what to do with this knowledge.

I could of kept it for myself like a TOP SECRET recipe.

Or Share it with the entire world!

Obviously, I chose to share it, I am not even going to monetize it, just give it out for Free.

The "Typical Guru" Would Charge At Least $997-$2497 For This (And It'd Still Be Cheap)

That’s not how I want our relationship to start, though.
That’s why, for a limited time only,
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No catch. Nothing.
All I’m asking is your email address, and I’ll send it your way at no cost.
Is it smart that I’m giving this much away? Honestly I’m not sure yet… but as long as this page is up, feel free to take advantage.
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